The RCA Airnergy is a WiFi powered charger. It has an internal lithium ion battery that stores a charge from WiFi signals. When the Airnergy picks up WiFi signals it converts the signals through the antenna into DC current and stores it in the internal lithium ion battery. The Airnergy until will automatically charge itself whenever it is in the vicinity of a WiFi hotspot. The Airnergy device is designed to connect with a USB connection so devices can be plugged into it and charged via the internal battery. This technology will be the first to charge a device without the use of wires.

The RCA company has recently changed the name of the Airnergy to the RCA AirPower.


This product is currently projected to be released in the winter of 2011 and the price is still to be determined.


There are many things that the RCA AirPower Adapter could be used for in the future. It could be used to wirelessly power your house, car, mobile phone and maybe even seriously ill patients in ICU. Like all technology, it would have its faults if we relied on it too heavily. Among said applications, here are some other things it can be used for:
  • Mobile and Emergency Charging
  • Internal Wireless Battery
  • Wireless heating of Food